10 Healthy Swaps For Every Occasion

A healthy diet improves quality of life and wellbeing, and protects against chronic diseases. There are many ways for you to improve your diet, but making small changes to what you eat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your health and lose weight. 
Here are 10 simple swaps recommended by the Dietitians Association of Australia that will help you to substitute unhealthy choices for foods that are good for you.

1. Going Out For Coffee 

Choose a skim milk coffee and hold the extra syrups. Swapping a regular vanilla latte for a skim milk latte will save you 800KJ and 10g fat. 

2. Meeting Friends For Breakfast 

Choose low-fat options. Swapping a big breakfast (fried eggs, bacon, toast with butter) for poached eggs with grilled tomato, will save you 600KJ and 15g fat. 

3. Working 

Take a break and go for a walk. Not only will walking help you burn kilojoules, it will help you reassess whether you are really hungry. Swapping two biscuits for a 10 minute walk will save you 400KJ and help you burn 200KJ. 

4. Going Out For Drinks 

Take it slow. Take your time, talk and make the night revolve around the company of your friends or colleagues—not the drinks. Missing the second round of drinks saves you 500KJ. 

5. Dining Out

Think ahead. If you know there is going to be more than one course of food, you don’t need to finish everything on your plate. Leaving the extra piece of garlic bread and after-dinner mint saves you 1800KJ and 22g fat. 

6. Shopping 

Have a bag of tricks. If you know you are going to be shopping for a few hours, make sure you keep a healthy snack in your handbag. A small packet of sultanas rather than a café- bought muffin will save you 1800KJ and 22g fat.

7. Watching A Movie 

Think small. Save your waist and your wallet by getting the small box of popcorn not the large. Save 1500KJ and 20g fat. 

8. On Your Way To The Gym 

Fuel up. If you’re hitting the gym after work, have a snack between lunch and your workout. Having a piece of fruit or low-fat yoghurt will stop you eating yourself out of house and home when you finish the workout. Save 500KJ and 13g fat. 

9. Birthday Parties 

Help the host. If you’re worried that there will be no healthy food for you to eat, bring a plate of healthy food to share. Good options include vegetable sticks with low-fat dips, or fruit on skewers with a low-fat fruit yoghurt dip. 

10. On A Plane 

Choose wisely. Many airlines have healthy options available. Be sure to include the sandwiches and cereals and hold on the extras such as muffins, slices, biscuits and soft drinks. Saying no to the biscuit and soft drink will save you 2300KJ and 25g fat.

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Sourced from Dietitians Association of Australia
06 Feb 2017

Sourced from
Dietitians Association of Australia

06 Feb 2017

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