10 Solutions For Anyone Who Hates Exercise

Despite the fact the regular exercise increases quality of life and longevity, the Australian Bureau of Statistics states that 57% of adults don’t exercise enough, or even at all. When pressed for a reason, many study participants admit that they just don’t enjoy exercise. Below we examine - and challenge - the top 10 reasons for this.

1. It’s too boring

Exercise doesn’t have to be dull when you set targets for yourself and change up your routine. Listening to your favourite music, working out with a friend, or using an exercise app on your mobile phone can all help to keep you engaged with your workouts.

2. Aversion to sweating

Alternating low-intensity and high-intensity workouts can help you deal with this problem. Carrying deodorant in your gym bag and making sure you can shower immediately after working up a sweat are also helpful.

3. It’s physically uncomfortable

If you rarely exercise, you may feel uncomfortable the first few times. Just stay consistent with your new routine and soon the discomfort will vanish as your physical fitness grows.

4. Soreness after exercise

Some people have sore muscles for several days after their workouts. You can lessen the likelihood of muscle pain by taking things slow at first and gradually building your strength and endurance.

5. An existing injury

You may feel hesitant to exercise regularly if you have a previous injury or chronic pain. If so, see your doctor or a personal trainer for advice before getting started.

6. Feeling self-conscious

It’s easy to feel like everyone else is judging you because they are so much better at exercising. Most people are focused on themselves and don’t even notice you, or they will remember how it felt to be starting out on the road to fitness themselves. Remind yourself that you’re trying to improve your health and it’s not a competition.

7. Not being an athletic person

You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from exercise. Start your program by vowing to move more than you do now and gradually work up to 150 minutes a week. Even brisk walking has important health benefits. Try to introduce elements of exercise wherever you can; like walking to the shops rather than driving, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

8. Not knowing how to exercise

If you avoid exercise because you don’t know what to do or how to do it, consider a few sessions with a personal trainer. 

9. Feeling unqualified

You won’t be an expert the first time you try a new exercise. Like everything else, it takes practice and dedication.

10. Not enough time

Think of the things you make time for in your life. Isn’t your health more important than watching television programmes or spending time online?

The next time you hear yourself give one of these excuses, fight back by replacing it with the benefits you receive from exercise. Keep at it, and develop positive habits over time.

Further Questions?

If you have further questions, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional. 
Use Whitecoat.com.au to easily find an appropriate healthcare provider near you. 

Sourced from Healthy Balance Fitness in Health Tips
09 Jan 2017

Sourced from
Healthy Balance Fitness

09 Jan 2017
Health Tips

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