5 Tips to Keep Some Routine Over the Holidays

Here are five tips to not stray too far from your good habits and routine during the holiday season.


 It’s easy to ignore your healthy eating routine during the holiday season. Of course you will want to have a few treats here and there but try not to go over board. One way you could do this is by making Christmas lunch a little healthier than usual. There are plenty of alternative Christmas recipes around for example Healthy Food Guide’s roast turkey with quinoa and celery stuffing. Keep the Christmas classics with a healthy twist that the family wont even notice.

2. Get outdoors

During the holiday season there is a lot of sitting around, talking to family and friends and as already mentioned eating. These aren’t bad things to be doing, but what better way to enjoy them than outside. We are so lucky in Australia to be able to enjoy these holidays in the summer and by taking your plans outside you are staying active at the same time. Make a picnic and go to a park, go for a bike ride, play a game of outdoor cricket with the family or go to the beach. This will make you feel like you haven’t spent your holidays just at home. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap though!

3. Don’t make your holidays too boozed

Everyone wants to get a little merry during the holiday season. You have Christmas parties with work, friends, family and more. However this doesn’t mean you have to over do it. If you drink too much over the holidays you will find yourself feeling sick, tired and down more than you are enjoying yourself. We aren’t saying don’t drink, everything in moderation, you want to remember the holidays.

4. Avoid stress

Everybody knows that the holiday season can be stressful. All the family in one room is enough the send anybody mad. It is important to remember though that the holidays are a time to relax. Things like presents and Christmas lunch although important aren’t the be all and end all. Enjoy your time off so that when you do return to work you feel refreshed. Spend time doing things that you want to do as well as all the holiday obligations, read a book, take some time for yourself.

5. Don’t drop all routines

It is important to not throw all routine out the window during the holiday season. Otherwise when you return to work you won’t feel yourself and it will take time to settle back in. It isn’t possible to keep your exact routine but try and get a decent amount of sleep, not completely losing your sleeping pattern will make it a lot easier to adapt when you are back at work. Try and still do a bit of exercise as well, this will make you feel a lot better and make the ease into your routine again smoother. 

Sourced from
17 Dec 2015

Sourced from

17 Dec 2015

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