2018 has well and truly commenced! You know what that means... back to school! Here are our top tips to prepare your little one's for the new school year. 

1. Establish Healthy Sleep Patterns

Long holiday periods disrupt the established sleeping patterns children have during the school term. Returning to normal sleeping patterns can be difficult, but the sooner the better! It will limit the tired, 9am tantrums of the first week back.  Begin to set bedtimes about one week before the 2018 school year commences. As each day goes by, set it a little earlier than the day before. According to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, school children should be sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night, so work toward this. 

2. Stock up on Healthy Food

Holiday time is associated with food, food and lots of food. Often, not the healthy kind. Stocking up on healthy food the week before school is a must! School lunch boxes should not be full of ready-made, sugary snacks. This is an easy go-to for busy parents, however a regular diet of these snacks is setting your child up to have future health issues. Organisation is key to ensuring your child is eating a healthy, balanced meal everyday. Taking time on the weekend to prepare healthy meals for the week is time efficient and gives you more time to relax after school and work time. 


3. Backpack Safety

Choose wisely when purchasing a school bag for your child. Normally all the room in a school bag is filled due to lack of regular unpacking and repacking.  An easy solution to ensure your child doesn't take a tumble is to weigh up the size of your child compared to the bag. Don’t purchase a bag that could smuggle a small dog into the school playground. Use the bags compartments and spread weight evenly. Educate your child on backpack safety, this involves using both straps, not running with it on and unpacking and repacking frequently.  


4. Prepare For Heat  

Starting school in Summer means preparing for heat. Children run around at lunch and don’t think about how sweaty or out of breath they are until later. Don’t dress your kids in singlets under school shirts if it is too hot, remind them to eat and rest at lunch along with playing and most importantly, do not forget to pack them a water bottle! Keeping hydrated is crucial for kids in summer. Freezing a water bottle the night before is a great idea to ensure they have cold water all day.


5. Check- Ups  

Having regular health check-ups is important to prevent serious damage or disease. Primary school children may develop a need for glasses, as straining their eyes straining to look at a whiteboard, smartboard, iPad or computer screen can take its toll on eyesight. Carrying a heavy backpack all day might injure the back and cause problems later on if not looked at. Vaccinations will be given at school and these should be kept up to date. Regular inspection for these common health issues will help your child both short and long term.    

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22 Jan 2018

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22 Jan 2018
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