Former NAB CEO Named Chairman of Whitecoat

Australia’s most comprehensive online healthcare provider directory and patient review site, Whitecoat, has announced the appointment of former head of National Australia Bank, Cameron Clyne, as their inaugural Chairman.

Clyne is one of Australia’s most respected business leaders, and has joined Australia’s breakthrough digital healthcare start-up this month. Clyne served as CEO of the National Australia Bank from 2009 until 2014 – guiding the bank through the most difficult years of the global financial crisis. 

Announcing Clyne’s appointment, Whitecoat CEO Matthew Donnellan says “Cameron Clyne’s experience and passion for improving the transparency and decision-making of every day Australians is invaluable to Whitecoat and this will have a significant impact on the healthcare journey of millions of Australians.” 

Founded by nib health funds, Whitecoat now counts Bupa Australia and HBF Health as partners who together make up approximately 43% of the private health insurance market.

Clyne says he is enthusiastic about the future of Whitecoat and he is “attracted by the potential of the Whitecoat platform to empower all Australians to better understand their healthcare options”.
The Whitecoat platform aims to help consumers understand what their best options are when it comes to healthcare providers and how much things will cost, as well as inviting patients to share their experiences. Whitecoat recently expanded the platform to include medical specialists. To date more than 2.2 million users have visited the site to search, book, compare and review their healthcare experience. 
“I am looking forward to being part of an innovative healthcare start-up that allows many Australians to make better and more informed decisions about their treatment and providers,” continued Clyne. 
Over the past three years Whitecoat has consulted widely with industry and government stakeholders to improve the functionality of Whitecoat and to ensure that it is, and will remain, Australia's most comprehensive online healthcare provider directory. Whitecoat features an immense range of healthcare providers and key contact details in an aim to be the portal of choice to all Australians.

The next Whitecoat board meeting under the chairmanship of Clyne will be held this quarter, bringing together representatives from nib, BUPA and HBF.

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Sourced from Whitecoat in Health News, Provider Blogs
27 Apr 2017

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27 Apr 2017
Health News, Provider Blogs

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