Is Binge-Watching TV Bad For Your Mental Health?

A study from the University of Toledo in the US has found that binge-watching whole seasons of television can contribute to negative mental health and bad physical health outcomes.

Researchers in this study found that "with the advent of novel media for viewing television, binge-watching is a growing public health concern that needs to be addressed."

They classify 'binge-watching' as anything from 2-5 hours of television in one day and suggest that this amount of TV-watching is linked to higher stress and found that too many consecutive hours of TV is linked to depression.

The study also found that 35% of participants qualified as binge-watchers and reported higher levels of depression and anxiety, than those who did not watch hours upon hours of telly in one go. 

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Sourced from American Public Health Association
24 May 2016

Sourced from
American Public Health Association

24 May 2016

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