Meet The Provider: Sandy Woolman, Physiotherapist

Sandy Woolman is a Practice Principal at Adelaide Crows Sports Medicine Clinic, working there since 2000. She previously worked at the Women's and Children's Hospital in paediatric injuries and growth problems. Sandy loves running, camping, spending time with family when she isn't busy working to help others get back to health. 

1.  Why did you choose to become a Physiotherapist? 

My dad was always hurting himself as he tried to keep involved in sport. His physio always managed to get him going again.  I thought it would be great to be able to keep people active for as long as possible.


2.  What does a typical day as a Physiotherapist look like? 

My days are busy. I start by going over patient notes to prepare my plan for what we need to be working on for that day.  I will then consult with patients for a few hours before running a few Pilates classes.  It’s then back to hands on treatment, pool classes or working in the gym to help set up a return to sport gym program. Working with sporting teams means I am often out at training sessions early on a Saturday or after work during the week, assessing injuries or getting the players ready for a game and hopefully sitting on the sidelines and watching a great match with no injuries.


3.  What is your opinion on the importance of responding to customer comments and reviews on Whitecoat? 

I think it’s great that patients can leave feedback on our service. It keeps me striving to do the best I can for everyone I see.  I like the idea of being able to acknowledge all feedback from our patients and need to follow up on this.     


4.  What is the best part of your job?

I love listening to the stories that are associated with the injury and getting to know how the problem relates to the patient’s life. This makes every problem I see different and the approach needed to help them get better will vary.


5.  What is the biggest misconception people have about Physiotherapists

“NO pain, NO gain.” Many people think that physio treatment needs to be painful to get a result and can stop them coming back. Treatment should feel like it is working on the injured area in a positive way. You should not feel like you are jumping off the table in agony. 


6.  What has been your biggest career achievement or proud moment? 

I loved working at the Sydney Olympics, that was the most fun I have had while working. 


7.  If you weren’t a Physiotherapist, which profession would you have chosen to pursue? 

My second choice was to be a vet. My dog loves my massages.

8.  If you could choose someone to play you in a movie, who would it be and why? 

Joanna Lumley.  She would add a lot of fun and humour to my otherwise fairly quiet life.


9.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? 

The ability to fly. Quick, efficient and a sense of freedom as you go about your day.


10. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? 

It would have to be an odd collection of some of my favourite food, I couldn’t choose just one thing. Mango, a Thai red chicken curry, followed by sticky date pudding and a lot of chocolate.

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09 Feb 2018

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09 Feb 2018
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