New And Improved Crutches Design

Anyone who had to use crutches know how painful they can be. This is an inconvenience to every crutch user, but presents serious problems to long-term and permanent users. A US company, Mobility Designed, have designed an ergonomic crutch to relieve the pain. 

Whether it’s a temporary need or a long-term condition, dealing with restricted mobility should be painfree. Mobility Designed have focused their energy on revolutionizing crutches because they believe that crutches should improve the user's quality of life, functionally and emotionally, not hinder it. So they set out to design a better crutch, one that improved on what they saw as the greatest problems with under arm crutches and forearm crutches. The M+D Crutch is designed around a simple premise: Elbows, not armpits. 

See the new design

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Flexible Arm Bands

  • Each M+D Crutch has two flexible armbands that hold them to the user’s arm without strapping them down or locking them in. Their curved design and material allows the user to pull out their forearms easily, but holds them in place when using the M+D Crutches in hands free mode. The flexible arm straps can be placed together on either side of the arm cradle, or on opposite sides, and can be easily moved along the length of the cradle to fit the user’s personal preference. Moving the flexible arm straps is an easy process that requires no tools.

Interchangeable Feet

  • The M+D Crutch comes with a standard foot designed to absorb some of the shock of each step. The tread and material flexibility allow the crutch's foot to conform to the ground and grip it to prevent slipping. The standard foot can be easily removed and replaced with other feet designed for various terrains and activities. Alternate feet will be available in the future.

Hands Free Walking

  • A button on the hand-grip unlocks the handle and allows the user to adjust its length and rotate it away from their hands and start using the M+D Crutches in hands-free mode

Hinged Arm Support

  •  A sliding button under the arm cradle unlocks the cradle allowing it to click in and out of the main body to allow users to lift their arms while still wearing the crutches. The cradle can also be locked to remain in place while using it hands free. 

More Information

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Further Questions?

If you have further questions, we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional. 
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Sourced from Mobility Designed in Health News
05 May 2016

Sourced from
Mobility Designed

05 May 2016
Health News

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