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'Dermatologist Near Me', Anywhere In Australia.

'Dermatologist Near Me', Anywhere In Australia.

by Teledermatologist 11/02/2021

Australian’s with skin issues often search online for “dermatologist near me”, when the truth is that most specialist dermatologists reside in busy cities and other metropolitan areas. For regional Australias, this often will result in long car trips, days off work and other related expenses.

But that’s now changed, for regional & metro patients, Teledermatologist is your ‘dermatologist near me’ solution. Tele-Dermatology service can be rapidly accessed from anywhere in Australia, either;

  • At your trusted, local Medical Centre with a GP referral ( 150% Medicare Rebates are available with a referral in Regional Areas),

  • At home with a GP referral (150% Medicare Rebates are available with a referral in Regional Areas), or

  • Our “Direct Express” option, which is for patients without a referral, busy professionals or those desperate to see a dermatologist, direct access to a FACD Certified Dermatologist. Delivered online to the privacy of a space the patient finds safe and secure (No Medicare Rebate Available, but Direct Express pricing is available).

How Does It Work?

Leading up to the teledermatology consultation, Patients receive confirmation communications that provide additional information about the consultation process, thus ensuring a sense of ease through the process. The Teledermatologist team pride ourselves on providing Dermatology consultations to patients within a 2 week window where a diagnosis is provided and prescription medication prescribed (if required), thus truly making Teledermatologist the ‘dermatologist near me’ for all Australians.

Get In Touch and Book Online

To find out more or make a Dermatologist appointment, call 02 4960 8277 or book an appointment with Teledermatologist today. To continue the conversation, follow Whitecoat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For any questions, please email