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Meet Teledermatologist - Dermatology Australia Wide

Meet Teledermatologist - Dermatology Australia Wide

by Teledermatologist 14/02/2021

For Australians living in remote areas, having access to dermatology services has been particularly difficult in the past. But with today’s technological advancements, Whitecoat Partner Teledermatologist is breaking down the barriers of traditional dermatology services and allowing vital access to all Australians.

Who is Teledermatologist?

Established in 2017, Teledermatologist is an affordable, user-friendly & secure Telehealth service for all Australians, but especially remote and elderly patients. Teledermatologist allows rural GP’s, Nurses and patients to connect with a dermatologist far quicker and easier than traditionally occurred.

Members of the Australasian College of Dermatologists (FACD) have been providing specialist Dermatological services to under-served rural and regional areas of Australia for the past 3 years through Teledermatologist.

How Does It Work?

With a referral from your GP, Teledermatologist improves your access to a Dermatologist by removing the issues of distance and delay.

Step 1: Have your GP send Teledermatologist your referral.

Step 2: Book a consultation online

Step 3: Complete the patient registration form and provide Teledermtologist with some additional information such as photos of issue.

Step 4: Attend your consultation.

For more information on Teledermatologist’s consultation process, click here

What Services Are Available and How Much Does It Cost?

Teledermatologist offer three different options for patients. Each option has its own benefits, which may favour different patients & different types of cases. This includes;

  • At your trusted, local Medical Centre with a GP referral ( 150% Medicare Rebates are available with a referral in Regional Areas),

  • At home with a GP referral (150% Medicare Rebates are available with a referral in Regional Areas), or

  • Our “Direct Express” option, which is for patients without a referral, busy professionals or those desperate to see a dermatologist, direct access to a FACD Certified Dermatologist. Delivered online to the privacy of a space the patient finds safe and secure (No Medicare Rebate Available, but Direct Express pricing is available).

For information regarding consultation prices, pensioner discounts and medicare rebates, click here

Where Can I Find Out More?

To find out more or make an online Dermatologist consultation, call 02 4960 8277 or book a consultation with Teledermatologist today.