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Physiotherapy - Helping people with Movement

Physiotherapy - Helping people with Movement

by Mr Brendan B Fogarty 26/09/2018

As a physiotherapist I spend my days working with people of all ages, backgrounds, activity levels and professions.

The one thing that I see in majority of patients is the changes in normal movement and postural issues, which occur due to our modern lifestyles.

I see young children less than 10years of age that can’t touch their toes or sit on the floor to play as their posterior chain muscles (Lower back, Hamstrings, Calves), are so tight and restricted due to inactivity and the use of furniture. I also see Adults who attend the practice bent over like a cave man due to office deskwork.

My job as a physiotherapist is to help these people regain the natural movement patterns that they have lost and are now causing them Pain, Stiffness, Imbalances, injury, and loss of mobility.

Physiotherapists have many techniques and methods in our kit bag to help improve the acute problem and then peel back the layers to find the primary driver and ultimately fix the issue for good, allowing you as the patient to manage and make real life changes to prevent these issues from reoccurring.

As you progress through your treatment you may initially be relying on our hands on or manual treatment methods to correct your dysfunctions or condition, including; soft tissue techniques, dry needling, muscle energy techniques, stretching, joint mobilization or manipulation.

The improvements you gain in the clinic then have to be reinforced in the real world by changes in activity, changing of movement patterns and retraining exercises. This is where the self-management starts and new patterns and real life changes are made.

I see my job as helping people to Move Freely, Pain Free, Train Harder, Perform Better and Improve Life with Movement.