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The Galletly Technique

The Galletly Technique

by Mr Clive C Galletly 17/12/2018

Hi! My name is Clive "Arthur" Galletly. I spent years in pain, lower back, shoulder and neck pain, and restricted ability to turn my head. I spend thousands of dollars over several years on treatment. I didn't get anywhere fast!

Then I tried Remedial Massage and some other Soft Tissue Therapy techniques. The relief from pain was so dramatic I decided to change career to become a Remedial Massage Therapist to help others with similar problems.

My plan was to aim at fellow members of the baby boomer generation who build up aches and pains during their working lives. However, motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries can happen at any age! I also now do a lot of treatments on fit people, sports massage and rehabilitation. I am registered for insurance for MVA and Workers' Compensation Cases. The insurance companies don't tell you that you are eligible for Remedial Massage. If you think Remedial Massage can help you, you have to insist on it!

In addition to a Diploma of Remedial Massage, I have attended many courses over the years. A significant influence on me was Craniosacral Therapy, which I studied in 2005.

I have been a Medibank Members' Choice Provider since 2010, which means I have agreed to abide by their schedule of fees. In fact, I charge a lot less, as many people are underemployed (part time and casual) and would probably live with their pain when money is short.

I am also a member of PRACI, The Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative. I have taken part in two studies to date:

"Patient Experiences of the Complementary Medicine Consultation" and

"Comparative effectiveness of the clinical and cost outcomes on massage for the management of chronic lower back pain in Australia"

PRACI studies are designed to provide evidence to the Government of the day regarding Complementary Therapies. The Government has rejected many studies as being based on a sample size which is too small. As a result, they struck 16 therapies off the list of services eligible for Health Fund Rebates. Fortunately, Remedial Massage was not one of them.

However, the more studies there are, the more credible we become in the eyes of the Government of the day. Hence I will continue to participate in PRACI studies in the future, even though it is time consuming and should probably be being done by a younger generation who stand to gain more benefits in the long run.

The Galletly Technique

Incorporating techniques from Craniosacral Therapy which I have modified and improved upon over the years, and several other techniques, the Galletly Technique aims to:

  • Relieve headaches so that you don't get them so frequently and they are not as severe

  • Relieve symptoms of whiplash

  • Reduce neck and shoulder pain

  • Enables you to turn your head more freely and further to the right and left and up and down

I am also an active lobbyist. I am currently orchestrating a petition to have GST removed from Remedial Massage and other Soft Tissue Therapies, for example, at

The petition currently has over 2,700 signatures.

I have also lobbied for Remedial Massage to be made available to DVA card holders and serving members of the ADF. Currently, spouses and de factos of ADF personnel who have the ADF Family Health Card are entitled to free Remedial Massage. It defies logic that the people doing the heavy lifting, who have to be fit as part of their job, are not entitled to Remedial Massage when their partners are!

Apart from reviews on Whitecoat, you can also find reviews on my Facebook page @theremedialmassageguy

How did I get my name of The Remedial Massage Guy?

I used to do massage on the beach in Rockingham near an intersection. When people were on the phone trying to meet up with friends, they would say "We are standing next to the massage guy". After hearing that a dozen times, I registered the business name The Massage Guy. A couple of years later I changed it to The Remedial Massage Guy. Google likes it! When people type in Remedial Massage Rockingham, Google thinks that The Remedial Massage Guy has a good chance of offering Remedial Massage and puts me high up the list! A historical accident, but I'll take it.