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Weight gain inspite of weight loss surgery

Weight gain inspite of weight loss surgery

by Dr Amarasinghe Jayamaha 14/01/2019

It is not uncommon to gain weight after weight loss surgery. After an initial period of weight loss, some people reach the ceiling of weight loss and the weight doesn't shift any further or even they start gaining weight again and get heavier than before.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, it is important for you to understand the reasons why weight loss surgery works for some people and not for others. If surgery has not worked for you or if you lost a satisfactory amount of weight initially but gaining weight again, it is not because surgery has failed. The harsh truth is you have failed the surgery, by not sticking to after-surgery instructions by limiting your food intake, choosing to eat the right type of food and be active enough to keep your energy input and output in balance. If you could stick to such disciplines you would not need weight loss surgery to lose weight. Weight loss surgery works because it forces you to discipline yourself but only as a short-term solution.

It is not a long-term solution and most people start gaining weight when they lose the discipline that requires to maintain the balance. We humans are not made to live with strict rules and disciplines, because we are not robots. We are driven by emotions, feelings, and passions. If you have to make an effort to keep this balance, it doesn't last that long. Because we like freedom, passion, joy, fun and carefree living. That is why the effort becomes a source of stress, we will lose the novelty and excitement and fall back to our old habits.

Weight loss surgery is a way of changing your habits for a limited period of time, by giving you a reason to change. But once you get fed up with living a life to lose weight rather than losing weight to live your life, you are no longer motivated to keep going.

If you have a purpose much bigger than only the weight loss, you get energized by your own passion, to live your life with hope, excitement, and enthusiasm. When you connect the weight loss with a higher purpose that you are passionate about, you are no longer making an effort to lose weight. You are driven by your passion and you are motivated to live your dream and weight loss happens effortlessly as you live your life with your passion.

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