Review Your Healthcare Provider

Review Your Healthcare Provider 

At Whitecoat, we believe it is important for patients to be well informed of their options when selecting a provider. Reviewing healthcare providers after visiting them is a way to empower patients, through transparency. It helps them select the right provider for them in any location, every time. If you don't know how to review a provider on Whitecoat, it's  simple!

Read below and you'll be more than ready to try it yourself! The best part is, if you review a provider, either on the MyWhitecoat app or on the website, you are automatically placed into the draw to win $1000, a sweet prize given away every month!

1. To find the provider you have visited, enter the type of health provider and postcode on Whitecoat or the MyWhitecoat app 

 2.  Choose your healthcare provider and hit the review button. Simply answer the 4 questions by using star ratings.

3.  Add any additional comments you might have and leave your name, email and mobile number so we can get in contact if you win. 

Get started now! Find your healthcare provider now or download MyWhitecoat on iOS or Android. 

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30 Jul 2018

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30 Jul 2018
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