Ways To Improve Workplace Office Health

Ways to Improve Workplace Office Health

Get Up

Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t make your body feel good and that is because it isn’t good for it. Aches in the body will occur after multiple hours of sitting still and although we can’t do much about it if we work in an office, we can do a little! Try a standing desk and use it every few hours, once you’re feeling restless sitting. Go for a walk every 2 hours, this could be just around the office or if you can, outside to also get some fresh air. Mentally, this is beneficial and will increase your productivity. Taking small breaks every now and again will ensure you aren’t burning out and will stabilise your ability to focus. 

Get Moving 

Eating at your desk is counteracting your productivity. You want to separate your lunch-time space with your work-time space. You want to ensure your brain knows that when you are at your desk you need to be focused, and enjoying your lunch time at your desk does not solidify this habit. It is good for you both physically and mentally to get out of the office and have a decent break. It is also a way to improve creative thinking. Getting out and coming back feeling refreshed will halt stale thoughts and promote creative ideas. 

Get Straight  
Sitting all day AND having bad posture while doing it is a recipe for health disaster. Slouching will make you feel sleepy and eventually result in back or neck pain. Doing this everyday will more than likely lead to less pain, but this is not a good thing! It means your body is getting use to resting in a slumped position and will make it hard to break this bad habit even outside of work.  You will find yourself slumped when sitting at brunch on a Sunday!  Keep your spine upright and head held high, you’re killing it at work, you have lots to be proud of!

Go Green 
 Adding a plant to your desk is a great way to bring some life to your office. It will inspire you and make you feel less confined indoors. If you don’t have the time to go for a walk outside or spend your lunchtime outside, having some greenery near you is beneficial psychologically.  Green is also a colour is known to promote creative thinking. A pale or pastel green, nothing too bright, will calm and inspire you simultaneously. It will place you in an appropriate mental state for productive work. 

Get Lit 

The absolute best form of light you can have at work is natural light. Sitting near a window that allows this is ideal. It is comforting seeing and feeling the something from outside when you are inside all day, especially if it’s the light and warmth of the sun. It will help you feel less stressed during busy times at work and will make you feel more at home at your desk. Not everyone can choose to sit in a spot the sunlight can reach, that’s when you may have to take things into your own hands! We recommend purchasing a lamp that has a large scope, there is nothing worse than having to squish to one side of your desk because the light is inconsistent across it. Pop in a warm bulb that won’t hurt your eyes, yet will light the desk enough you don’t need to strain them to see. 

Get Hydrated

We all know drinking water is good for us, no shocker there. But why is it beneficial for you in the workplace? It keeps us hydrated and will reduce tension in our brains when concentrating, thus we are less likely to suffer from a headache if we are looking at a screen all day, which most of us are these days. It is also going to give you enough energy to keep working, feeling hydrated will make you less sluggish, crucial and effective remedy for Sluggish O’clock (3pm). It will also make you need to go the toilet more often, which means you are moving your body and have an opportunity to stretch your limbs!

Get Social 

Don’t sit in silence all day. It is boring. It is not collaborative. It is detrimental to the soul. Make some time to chat to your co-workers throughout the day. Get up, go for a walk and talk to people. You don’t need to be distracting to them, pick appropriate times and perhaps have daily social rituals.  Maybe you make a cup of tea every morning in the kitchen, offer a cup to a co-worker, perhaps every morning you can do this together and have a chat. Go for an afternoon coffee run with a few people, you’ll get moving, get to chat and get a much-needed dose of caffeine. Forget about two birds with one stone, there’s three for you!
Sourced from whitecoat in Health News
27 Apr 2018

Sourced from

27 Apr 2018
Health News

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