Wellness in Winter

Wellness in Winter

Autumn is upon us and winter is just around the corner. We’ve compiled a few top tips to maintain your health and wellbeing throughout the cooler months!


1. Don’t let your motivation go cold

We know how hard it is to maintain motivation in winter. It’s dark and cold, whether your workout is before or after work. Start to think of exercise as a way to get your body warm. Try a new type of workout, something you’ll enjoy and something that will get you warm… quick! Boxing and hot yoga are perfect examples. Making plans to go with a friend will make sure you can’t snooze your alarm and miss the class!


2. Boost your immune system

With cold weather comes runny noses and raspy throats. Keep your immune system strong so you don’t get sick. It can take weeks to get back to your normal routine if you become a victim of the flu, so ensure you take steps to avoid it. Get enough Vitamin D, C and Zinc into you. Take supplement tablets or better yet, make sure they are prominent in your diet.


3. Adapt your diet, don’t change it

In winter, a salad for lunch doesn’t cut it. We know you’d prefer the fried chicken burger with a side of fries and we would too. Resist the temptation and stick to your healthy eating habits by adapting your healthy summer meals to healthy winter meals. Why not use your usual vegetables to make a soup? Or replace half your leafy greens with some hot quinoa or brown rice to make a warmer, more wholesome meal. There are endless options and zero excuses!


4. Care for your skin

Dry skin is a common problem for many people in winter. It is prime time for dry, dehydrated skin and we encourage you to take action against it! If there’s a time to be a brand snob, it’s now. Stock up on some quality moisturiser, you will thank us later. Use a moisturising primer, dewy foundation and less or no powder when applying makeup. Change up your skin routine by injecting it with moisture where you can!


5. Quit Smoking

It’s always a good time to quit smoking, but winter is one of the best. Smokers are more susceptible to respiratory tract infections which become more of a problem in winter time. Smokers will experience more severe symptoms, making it harder to recover and go about your normal routine. You might need substantial time off from work and home duties, which not many of us can afford to do!


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07 May 2018

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07 May 2018
Whitecoat Guides

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