Wellness with Whitecoat: #1. Never Lose your Sense of Adventure

Wellness is not beyond our reach. Wellness is not just for fitness gurus and health professionals. Wellness can be achieved by anyone through making small choices, one after the other. Eventually our lives change fro the better and the little choices we made have created a permanent life we love. 

There are many life hurdles that may tempt us to walk down other paths- work, children, money, time, energy. Amongst all that life throws at us, there are little choices we can make to maintain our wellness and get the most out of life. They take no time at all, yet the difference they make to the quality of our life is extraordinary.  

 #1. Never Lose Your Sense of Adventure 

There are moments in life when we get stuck. Routine begins to settle in and the motivation to try new things starts to seem less appealing. This scenario is inevitable, in fact it’s human nature. Familiarity feels comfortable and it’s not something we stray from. Most often, we work towards this feeling of comfortability. Finding a comfortable job, making meals we always make, spending time with the same group of friends, staying in and watching the same television show every Thursday night. These are the little treasures in life, after all our culture values stability. However, too much of the same thing might lead to waking up one day and realising we aren’t having fun anymore. Nothing is challenging us. We aren’t stimulated. 

Sinking into this dark hole of sameness should and can be avoided by holding on tight to our sense of adventure. Continuously demonstrating a willingness to embrace the possibilities of life. Opportunities to be adventurous present themselves all the time, however without this willingness, we'll dismiss them when they present themselves and fall back into auto- pilot. So why not take risks and face challenges head on? Trying a new approach to life will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. Breaking routine, throwing out the schedule and making choices you might not have made before will open up doors, in terms of career, relationships, health and many more.

You will discover new passions. A sense of adventure doesn’t mean diving out of a plane on the weekend (or on a weekday if you’re feeling particularly dare-devilish), it can mean trying foods you’ve never wanted to try before, picking a different park to go for your morning walk, signing up for online dating, taking a class you’ve always wanted to take, having a boogie on a Saturday night and staying out past your bedtime, driving without the GPS on a road trip to somewhere. There are so many ways to keep your sense of adventure alive and it doesn’t mean donating an arm or leg. So the next time you think, I’ll just stay home tonight or I’ll try something different next week instead, think twice.  

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05 Dec 2017

Sourced from

05 Dec 2017
Whitecoat Guides

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