Why You Need to do a Digital Detox

If the thought of going phone-free freaks you out, here are five simple tips to help you have a digital detox.

1. No screen time 30-60 minutes before bed

Exposure to blue lights, the lights of digital screens, sends a message to your brain that interferes with melatonin production (a chemical needed for sleep). start with 10 minutes of screen-free time and build from there. Don’t worry, those notifications will still be there when you wake up!

2. Make sure there are no screens plugged in within a metre of your pillow

Take away the temptation of looking at your phone in the middle of the night or binge-watching your favourite Netflix series by keeping your devices out of reach. An added bonus of doing this is you’ll have to actually get out of bed to switch off your alarm in the morning. Perfect if you’re one of those people who snoozes their alarm when you should be at spin.

3. Get outdoors without your phone

One day of the week I like to go for a 30-minute walk with Hendrix, without my phone. Of course don’t do this alone late at night, but you might genuinely be surprised by all the things you notice when you’re not

4. Turn off push notifications and alerts

There have been many occasions where I’ve put my phone away only to be checking my Apple Watch nonstop as the notifications keep rolling in. Turning off push notifications and alerts mean that you’ll have to go into your phone to stay up to date with emails and messages. I like to turn off most of my notifications so that only the crucial info is coming through as I go about my day.

So there you have it, some simple strategies to help you switch off and chill out.

Written by Sam Wood, founder of online training and nutrition program 28 by Sam Wood and Australia’s largest personal training gym ‘The Woodshed’. 

For full article, visit Women’s Health 

Sourced from Womens Health
30 Aug 2018

Sourced from
Womens Health

30 Aug 2018

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