Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Whitecoat?

    Whitecoat is Australia’s largest healthcare provider directory. Thousands of patients use Whitecoat every week to find a local healthcare provider. We’d like to encourage you to claim your Whitecoat profile so these patients can learn more about you and the services you provide.

  • What does Whitecoat offer?

    Whitecoat offers you the opportunity to promote your business and services to an engaged and sizable audience. It’s particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a service for the first time.

    • Let patients learn more about you and the services you provide by completing your biography and business details
    • Get feedback from patients in the form of star-ratings and customer reviews
    • Take advantage of a cost effective 24/7 online booking option
  • How can I join?

    Simply by claiming your profile, click the link

    Find your profile, set up a user name & password then complete your profile page with your biography, opening hours, website & more. The more detail you add, the more patients searching will know about you. By claiming your profile and setting up Online Appointments you will appear higher in the search rankings.

    There may be a cost to claim your Whitecoat profile. You will be notified of this during the sign up process.

    If you can't find your profile, please contact our Customer Support team by emailing or calling 0488 894 483 and a member of our team will assist you.

  • How do I manage my profile information?

    First you need to claim your Whitecoat profile here then you’ll be able to:

    • Include your business details (opening hours, services and facilities provided, contact numbers, email address etc)
    • Update your personal details (name, gender and languages spoken)
    • Choose whether or not to display the written customer reviews
    • Receive written customer reviews before they are published to Whitecoat. If you practice out of multiple locations, you’ll have a profile for each of your practice locations. You can use one email address to link and manage each of your profiles.
  • Can my profile be removed from Whitecoat?

    No, you can’t opt out of Whitecoat.

    Your Whitecoat profile includes basic directory information, such as your practice location and phone number, which will always be displayed. Additional Provider Profile information (such as opening hours, billing methods etc) can be added or removed by logging into your account and modifying your Provider Profile details.

    You can elect not to display patient comments. You can remove these by logging into your account and changing your Provider Profile settings. If you choose to remove these items from display, any member of the public viewing your Provider Profile will be notified that you have elected to remove these items from display on Whitecoat.

  • My address is incorrect how can I change it?

    Log in to the Provider Portal at using your username and password, select edit my profile, then scroll down to business details & enter your new address. Scroll to the bottom and click the Save button.

  • How are the star-ratings determined?

    The star-ratings on Whitecoat are based on an average of all reviews received for a provider at a listed practicing location.

  • How are written reviews monitored?

    Written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their customer service experience. This may help other customers using Whitecoat to make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

    Prior to publication, all written reviews submitted by customers are reviewed by the Whitecoat team against our Moderation Guidelines. This ensures written reviews are fair and balanced, not clinical and prevents sensitive, offensive or defamatory written reviews from being posted.

    Written reviews published on Whitecoat are unedited and posted in full. If a section of a review is deemed inappropriate based on the Moderation Guidelines, the entire written review will not be published at all. The overall star rating will be published.

    As a provider, you can report a written review that you would like to have removed and the Whitecoat Team will review all disputed comments. Comments will only be removed if they fail the moderation guidelines. Providers can publicly respond to individual reviews by logging into their Provider Portal. Responses also undergo moderation. The public can also report written reviews as being inappropriate. Any review reported by the public will be re-moderated by the Whitecoat Team and if it is found to be inappropriate it will be removed.

  • Can I see the written reviews before they are published on Whitecoat?

    If you have claimed your Whitecoat profile, you automatically receive notifications via email of new written reviews at least one week prior to those written reviews being published. This allows you to report written reviews you feel to be inappropriate before they’re published to Whitecoat.

    You can also opt to receive written reviews via email but not publish any of them to Whitecoat. This means you can get the direct feedback from your patients about your service, but without displaying them publicly. It’s your choice.

    You can turn off email notification in your profile settings at anytime. You are still able view written reviews inside the Whitecoat provider portal before they are published if you turn email notifications off.

  • Can I respond to an individual written review on my profile?

    You can respond to each review published by logging into your Whitecoat profile. Your response to a written review will be published on your Whitecoat profile. It will appear directly below the review you reply to. Each written review can only be replied to once, however you can edit your reply by logging on to your Whitecoat profile.

    Any reply you make to a review will be moderated to comply with the Moderation Guidelines.

    All written reviews published on Whitecoat adhere to the Moderation Guidelines and are strictly anonymous with no reference to a patient’s name. It’s not possible to reply directly to the patient or to learn which of your patients left a particular written review.

  • Can reviews be used to advertise a regulated health service?

    The National Law does not prohibit the use of reviews to advertise a regulated health service - it prohibits the use of testimonials to advertise a regulated health service. A testimonial is a review, experience, comment and/or statement that mentions a clinical aspect. A clinical aspect is one that includes reference to a symptom, intervention or outcome.

    Whitecoat moderates reviews to remove any that include a reference to clinical aspects of care. Therefore, while Whitecoat uses moderated reviews to advertise a regulated health service, we do not use testimonials of a clinical nature and are not in breach of National Law.

    Whitecoat recently enabled a feature which allows practitioners to include a link to their moderated patient reviews on their own website, or send an invite to patients for a review. Whitecoat has consulted with AHPRA to confirm that as long as the reviews do not include clinical aspects of care, they are also not considered a testimonial and therefore not in breach of the legislation.

    If during the moderation process Whitecoat fails to exclude a testimonial of which there is a clinical aspect, Whitecoat could be in breach of the legislation. Should a practitioner adopt the new feature which allows them to display their moderated Whitecoat patient reviews on their own website and display a testimonial which is of a clinical aspect, the practitioner is also in breach of the legislation.

    Whitecoat undergoes regular training and consults with AHPRA to ensure that the moderation process is compliant with AHPRA moderation guidelines, and we are confident that health practitioners using the Whitecoat review service are not in breach of the law.

    All moderated reviews are sent to the practitioner before being published on the Whitecoat website. Therefore, if a practitioner is concerned that the moderated review is of a clinical nature, they can dispute it with Whitecoat before it is published to ensure that it does not breach National Law. Whitecoat will investigate all disputed reviews and remove any which may be in breach. Whitecoat will not however remove approved moderated reviews which the practitioner has disputed based on poor comments or ratings.

    Further information on the Whitecoat moderation process can be found Whitecoat Moderation Guidelines.

  • How does Whitecoat’s Search algorithm work?

    There are 3 possible ways to conduct a search on Whitecoat, they are outlined below:

    Use case 1 - "My Location"
    My Location search attempts to get at least the closest 50 results to your current location. Results that are close by are sorted by overall rating. After that, further results are added in order of distance from you.

    Use case 2 - "Selected Suburb/postcode"
    When you pick a suburb from the list, it gets all the results geo-located in, or close to, the selected suburb. Results that are close by (in or around your suburb) are sorted by overall rating. After that, further results are added in order of distance from that suburb.

    Use case 3 - "Free Text Search"
    When you type in some search text and don’t pick a suburb from the list, it will search several fields of information for that text, including the suburb name. For example, ‘Sydney’ will return people and businesses with that in their name as well as those whose suburb name is Sydney. This does not use geo-location at all. They are ordered by overall rating.

  • How are the search results ordered?

    The results that match the search criteria will be displayed in the following default order:

    1. Provider completing their profile
    2. Online appointment system activated for easy patient bookings
    3. Most reviews
    4. Average Rating
  • Can I do anything to improve my search ranking?

    Yes - there are many things you can do to improve your search ranking including:

    1. Make sure your profile is up to date
    2. Patients are more likely to book with providers that have profile photos, so make sure you upload a recent profile photo
    3. Include your opening & closing hours
    4. Activate online appointments

    You can call or email Whitecoat directly for further tips on managing your profile.

  • From where is your suburb mapping information sourced?

    Our suburb mapping information is supplied by, and is copyright of, FindMap.

  • What can I do if I have a safety or security concern as a result of my address and contact number being published on Whitecoat?

    Whitecoat takes the privacy of providers very seriously. We have invested heavily to ensure the privacy of individual providers who are listed on Whitecoat is protected. Information such as the business address and telephone number of each provider will only be published by Whitecoat if it is publicly available through Sensis.

    If a provider has safety or security concern as a result of their address or contact number being published on Whitecoat they should contact the Whitecoat team on 0488 894 483 or email to discuss their options.

  • Who is the advertiser, and therefore, who is responsible for complying with section 133?

    The advertiser (individual or corporate entity) is responsible for compliance with section 133. The advertiser is the person (individual or entity) that has control of the advertising. An advertiser is deemed to have control of the advertising if they publish or authorise content or direct someone to publish or draft content (including a third party, a patient, staff member or marketing agency) or if there is a mechanism for the advertiser to modify or remove content published by an unrelated publisher.

    Whitecoat is the advertiser, not the practitioner. Should a practitioner adopt the new feature, they also become the advertiser and are responsible for complying with section 133.

  • Am I breaching the AHPRA guidelines?

    Registration on Whitecoat does not breach the law regarding testimonials, and Whitecoat has frequently consulted with a range of industry bodies and stakeholders, including the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to seek their guidance around customer reviews.

    We are confident that because Whitecoat operates as a forum for patients to share their views about their customer service experience, health practitioners will not be considered to be engaging in advertising contrary to the law.

    Whitecoat seeks feedback from customers in an objective, contemporaneous manner, and as the individual provider does not seek the review this is not a breach of the law. The objective questions are based on customer experience and are not clinical in nature, and all comments are moderated to ensure compliance with all laws, including clinical feedback.

    All Whitecoat reviews are also moderated to ensure that they remain anonymous and ethical.

  • Written Customer Reviews

    All reviews published on Whitecoat about providers are the opinions of the individuals leaving the review. They are not endorsed by the provider. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Whitecoat disclaims liability incurred by users in connection with our site, including as a result of relying on reviews published on Whitecoat.

    Written customer reviews are collected via an email survey or directly via Whitecoat. In addition to rating on the likelihood to recommend a provider to their family and friends customers are also given the option of providing written reviews. No clinical comments are published.

    These written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their customer service experience which can assist users visiting the website to make a more informed decision when choosing a healthcare provider.

    All written reviews submitted by customers will be reviewed prior to being published on Whitecoat to ensure they are fair and balanced and do not contain personal, sensitive or potentially defamatory information.

    Written reviews, however, will not be edited and will only ever be published in their entirety. It is our aim to promote transparency and clarity in respect to comments.

    Providers and the general public can report written reviews posted on Whitecoat that they consider offensive or defamatory.

  • I received an SMS from Whitecoat (0488 874 842) - is this legit?

    Yes this is a legitimate SMS from Whitecoat and our partners, and it is not a scam.

    On behalf of our partners at Bupa, nib and CBHS, we send out SMS and email survey requests on a daily basis to their members. By doing this, we want to help other patients make better, more informed decisions when it comes to their health.

    The SMS can vary from time to time, depending on which promotion we are currently, but the SMS content will be similar to the below:

    For Bupa members:
    SMS from: Whitecoat
    Hi from Bupa Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for your chance to win up to $1000 Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

    For nib members:
    From: nib
    Hi from nib Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for your chance to win up to $1000 Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

    For CBHS members:
    From: CBHS
    Tell us about your recent healthcare visit for a chance to win $1000 - CBHS Health Fund & Whitecoat Opt-Out: STOP to 0488874842

  • Are there paid practitioner results surfaced in search results?

    Searches performed on the Whitecoat Healthcare Directory website may return paid for preferred provider links at the top of the page along with the search results.

  • Where are the Ratings and Reviews?

    Ratings and reviews have been removed from the Whitecoat Healthcare Directory while CBA reviews this functionality.

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