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General Questions

Whitecoat is Australia’s largest healthcare provider directory and customer review website. Thousands of patients use Whitecoat every week to find a local healthcare provider. We’d like to encourage you to claim your Whitecoat profile so these patients can learn more about you and the services you provide.

Whitecoat offers you the opportunity to promote your business and services to an engaged and sizable audience. It’s particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a service for the first time.

  • It’s free to join Whitecoat
  • Let patients learn more about you and the services you provide by completing your biography and business details
  • Get feedback from patients in the form of star-ratings and customer reviews
  • Take advantage of a cost effective 24/7 online booking option

Simply by claiming your profile, click the link

Find your profile, set up a user name & password then complete your profile page with your biography, opening hours, website & more. The more detail you add, the more patients searching will know about you.

If you can't find your profile email us through the Contact Us & we'll get in touch with you.

First you need to claim your Whitecoat profile here then you’ll be able to:

  • Include your business details (opening hours, services and facilities provided, contact numbers, email address etc)
  • Update your personal details (name, gender and languages spoken)
  • Choose whether or not to display the written customer reviews
  • Receive written customer reviews before they are published to Whitecoat

If you practice out of multiple locations, you’ll have a profile for each of your practice locations. You can use one email address to link and mange each of your profiles.

Log in to the Provider portal at using your user name & password, select edit my profile, then scroll down to business details & enter your new address. Scroll to the bottom & click the green Save button.

The star-ratings on Whitecoat are based on an average of all reviews received for a provider at a listed practicing location.

Written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their service experience. This may help other customers using Whitecoat to make more informed decisions when choosing a healthcare provider.

Prior to publication, all written reviews submitted by customers are reviewed by the Whitecoat team against our Moderation Guidelines. This ensures written reviews are fair and balanced and prevents sensitive, offensive or defamatory written reviews from being posted.

Written reviews published on Whitecoat are unedited and posted in full. If a section of a review is deemed inappropriate based on the Moderation Guidelines, the entire written review will not be published at all.

As a provider you can report a written review that you would like to have removed and the Whitecoat Team will remove it. The public can also report written reviews as being inappropriate. Any review reported by the public will be re-moderated by the Whitecoat Team and if it is found to be inappropriate it will be removed.

If you have claimed your Whitecoat profile, you automatically receive notifications via email of new written reviews at least one week prior to those written reviews being published. This allows you to report written reviews you feel to be inappropriate before they’re published to Whitecoat.

You can also opt to receive written reviews via email but not publish any of them to Whitecoat. This means you can get the direct feedback from your patients about your service, but without displaying them publicly. It’s your choice.

You can turn off email notification in your profile settings at anytime. You are still able view written reviews inside the Whitecoat provider portal before they are published if you turn email notifications off.

You can respond to each review published by logging into your Whitecoat profile. Your response to a written review will be published on your Whitecoat profile. It will appear directly below the review you reply to. Each written review can only be replied to once, however you can edit your reply by logging on to your Whitecoat profile.

Any reply you make to a review will be moderated to comply with the Moderation Guidelines

All written reviews published on Whitecoat adhere to the Moderation Guidelines and are strictly anonymous with no reference to a patient’s name. It’s not possible to reply directly to the patient or to learn which of your patients left a particular written review.

Whitecoat has frequently consulted with a range of industry bodies and stakeholders, including the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to seek their guidance around customer reviews.

We are confident that if Whitecoat operates as a forum for patients to exchange their views about their overall service experience, health practitioners will not be considered to be engaging in advertising contrary to the law.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the written customer reviews on Whitecoat (though highly valued by patients) are entirely optional and you don’t have to display them if you don’t wish to.

The results that match the search criteria will be displayed in the following default order:

  1. Number of written customer reviews then
  2. Likelihood to recommend score (most likely first)

The more customers who review your profile and leave a written review, the higher you’ll appear in the search rankings. To improve your ranking please invite your patients to review you on Whitecoat and leave a written comment.

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Other resources

Written Customer Reviews

All reviews published on Whitecoat about providers are the opinions the individuals leaving a review. They are not endorsed by the provider. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Digital Health Ventures disclaims liability incurred by users in connection with Whitecoat, including as a result of relying on reviews published on Whitecoat.

Written customer reviews are collected via an email survey or directly via Whitecoat. In addition to rating on the likelihood to recommend a provider to their family and friends customers are also given the option of providing written reviews.

These written reviews allow customers to provide more personalised feedback regarding their service experience which can assist users visiting the website to make a more informed decision when choosing a healthcare provider.

All written reviews submitted by customers will be reviewed prior to being published on Whitecoat to ensure they are fair and balanced and do not contain personal, sensitive or potentially defamatory information.

Written reviews however will not be edited and will only ever be published in their entirety. It is our aim to promote transparency and clarity in respect to comments.

Providers and the general public can report written reviews posted on Whitecoat that they consider offensive or defamatory.