What is Whitecoat?

Over the past 3 years DHV has consulted widely with industry and government stakeholders to improve the functionality of Whitecoat and ensure that it is Australia's most comprehensive online healthcare provider directory. Whitecoat profiles an immense range of healthcare providers and provides key contact details in an aim to offer a new portal of choice to all Australians.

Why was Whitecoat launched?

We have developed Whitecoat to allow all Australians to search and compare healthcare providers to allow them to make better and more informed choices when selecting healthcare providers. Whitecoat is particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a specialist service for the first time, as well as those wanting a recommendation from patients who have already visited a healthcare provider.

What will drive Whitecoat?

There are four key things you will notice in Whitecoat over the coming months.

Availability: We will make available to patients the ability to book appointments online, (for those providers who have an existing agreement with appointment engines that contract to operate on our site).

Transparency: It is important that people understand the costs associated with particular services and how providers approach them. For example, which specialists offer no gap payments, which practices accept Hi-Caps, which GP’s bulk bill, changes to Medicare rebates and the PBS.

Education: We will invite professionals, professional associations and interested academic parties to publish information on Whitecoat regarding particular health issues. We will let consumers view the experience of others who have visited a listed professional.

Customisation: For private health insurers and larger provider groups who wish to, we will have a members’ only section which will allow their customers to access their own data and health records.

What you get for free

If you register on Whitecoat (by claiming your profile) you can be assured of the following.

• People will be able to search for you based on postcode and a ranking system, which does not embed any particular provider at any particular time.

• You will be able to see the reviews people have regarding your practice. To date, more than 96% of the 50,000+ reviews on Whitecoat are positive. The four questions are the same for all modalities, with an optional section for comments, which are moderated prior to publication.

• You will be given a monthly report, which shows the number of people who have looked at your reviews or practice and more generally of practices (not named) in your area. In time, you will have the ability to upload links to your website and social profile, as well as any content that you wish to publish regarding your practice.

Value added options

We believe Whitecoat offers a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to increase existing customer loyalty and grow new customers on an affordable basis. The aim of the site is to attract millions of visitors a year. We have asked customers what interests them and drawn upon international experience in determining our offers for providers.

•Where a provider has an agreement with appointment engines (Whitecoat will not be doing this directly), Whitecoat will allow for appointments directly through the Whitecoat site, within seconds.

We want Whitecoat to be the largest directory of its kind in Australia. We want to promote the best aspects of healthcare and do so with provider engagement and support. We are very confident that our property will allow many providers who would otherwise not get any use out of search rankings or social media to have a voice in their community.

Please visit to see what we are doing. The changes are ongoing and we appreciate any feedback at any time.