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  • I absolutely love going to see Dr Malcolm. I've been going to his practise for near on 5 years now and highly recommend him to anyone with any muscle or spine issues. My whole family now goes to see him. Never walk out thinking...he didn't fix this or, he didn't fix that. Every time I walk out of his practise I feel fresh as a daisy


  • I love coming to this clinic, the customer service then genuine care shown by the staff is second to none. I've recommended every one with not only back issues but all muscle and bone issues to come here


  • Knowledgeable practitioner with a lot of experience. Chiropractic treatment is much more gentle and effective than other chiropractors I have seen over the years. I’m not one for getting massaged either but the massage before hand is great it helps with the treatment and the masseuse has really nice pressure so you don’t feel like it’s someone just rubbing you, you actually feel like you’re getting a massage. I would really recommend this practice to anyone. The exercises you are given for keeping your results also feel really beneficial.


  • Friendly service, clean and calming facilities. Experience to cater for each individual.


  • Malcolm Hampson is very knowledgeable and willing to explain the process and symptoms at all times. He never rushes through an appointment so Yu always feel listened to. I would highly recommend.


  • Well balanced approach to chiropractic care.


  • Im extremely thankful to finally have found a very very good chiropractor. I can only highly recommend you guys! Malcom always has new ideas of what I can do at home to feel better. Thank you so much!!


  • Great practise. Always easy to find an appointment time. Caring chiropracter who is very skilled.


  • Dr Malcom is very knowledgeable in his area of care, remedial massage therapists also very skilled and do a great pre-consultation warm up.


  • Malcolm Hampson is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. He is caring and professional and caters to every patients individual chiropractic needs. I have recommended him to everyone I know and my whole family sees him.