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Exercise Physiologist | West Perth

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  • Issy is very easily to talk to, makes sure you’re comfortable with everything and is interested in what you have to say. He just genuinely wants to help you.


  • Israel, was great all the way. Explain everthing to me what he was doing and why he was doing it, He got me back to work three months ahead of scheduled time and a pleasure to meet such a professional .


  • Performex are a super friendly team who are always there to help. When on site, Israel was approachable and helpful with any injuries or niggles that we had. His professionalism and knowledge were second to none. The classes he ran after work were also great to attend, even after a 12 hour shift! Would recommend Performex, particularly Ryan and Israel to anyone needing treatments either on site or in Perth!


  • Even though I was despondent and had been in pain for a long time Izzy was determined and confident that he could improve my situation (as long as I put the effort in). I always felt we were working as a team, a bit like having a coach. I am endlessly grateful to Izzy as I am now mostly pain free and I understand the importance of continuing to maintain my exercise regime and avoiding particular movements that might aggravate my condition. I also realistically know that at my age there is no magic cure but I can still enjoy my life and be active. I cannot recommend Izzy highly enough.


  • takes time to listen and tailors a plan best suited for you. keeps track of your progress and makes changes when appropriate. is friendly and very personable. Has good knowledge of equipment and its uses.


  • Israel is excellent he works hard to ensure that you get the best possible treatment and exercise program. He pays attention throughout your consultation but is still able to take the odd phone call or answer enquiries. I would highly recommend Israel, he practices what he preaches, keeps fit and has broad knowledge of the body, your personal requirements and how to design the best program for your needs.


  • Most efficient. He was recommended to me by my G P for my breathing problem. Over the past 6 weeks under his care my breathing has increased by 30%. Also my general fitness and well being is much improved. Each visit Israel carries out a breathing assessment and offers sound advice. I am in my 81st year and he gives me the same care and attention as he would to a much younger person, I have highly recommended his services to others.


  • Very professional and always ready to help. Highly recommended.


  • Professional and experienced, Israel helped my recovery from an acute knee injury back to full function with onsite diagnosis. Suffering a severe hyperextended ankle, Israel confirmed no serious damage and used different techniques to diagnose the injury. Sport strapping skills is second to none.


  • I was very impressed with Izzy, hey had great customer service, approached the matter in a very professional manner. I am super happy with Izzy as a physio and will keep returning to him. He had a brilliant rehab program which had me up and playing again within a couple of weeks. I will definitely recommend Izzy to friends and family if they are in need of a physio.