Miss Deborah Chen
Inspired Physiotherapy
Deborah is a Sydney University Masters Graduate of Physiotherapy. Being a keen dancer growing up in the Hills area Deborah has also completed her Major 3 level in Ballet (Australian Dance Assessment Program) and has always been intrigued by the human body and how it works. As a dance teacher, Deborah is also keen to make sure she is able to educate her clients about their body and how it functions. This includes participating in continued education where Deborah is now proficient in Dry Needling and K-taping. Deborah’s focus has now changed to competitive Powerlifting and is excited to be able to combine and share her skills in dance with her strength from powerlifitng. Outside of the office Deb enjoys snowboarding and playing with the resident Inspired Physio Mascot, Bob the dog (a large but friendly mastiff x boxer).
▪  Musculoskeletal
▪  Electrotherapy techniques
▪  Arthritis
▪  Hand and Upper Limb Physiotherapy
▪  Electrotherapy
▪  Soft Tissue Massage
▪  Exercise Programmes
▪  Chest Physiotherapy
▪  Sports Injuries
▪  Physio Pilates
▪  Muscular and Ligament Tears
▪  Back Pain
▪  Ergonomic workplace assessments
▪  Jaw pain
▪  Dry Needling (Acupuncture)
▪  Women’s Health
▪  Ballet Assessments
▪  Headaches
▪  Post Surgical
▪  Kids area
▪  Kids entertainment
▪  Free parking
▪  Bus nearby
▪  Toilet facilities
▪  TV in waiting area
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