Mr Joel Laing
Absolute Health & Performance
Joel Laing is an experienced physiotherapist specializing (Dip. MDT) in the highly effective McKenzie Method for Back, Neck and Extremity Joint Problems. The vast majority of people will suffer from significant and ongoing symptoms in their life and yet fail to get better despite applying a variety of well-known treatments including Chiropractic, Osteopathy and conventional Physiotherapy. The McKenzie Method offers a better way! 80-90% of patients respond with the McKenzie Method, and need on average just 3-4 consultations! The benefits of the McKenzie Approach at Spine Health: • Initial consultation is 45 mins (most clinics do 20-30 mins) • A thorough assessment means we give you an accurate diagnosis, explain how you developed your problem, and outline what you need to do to resolve your pain and restore function • 80-90% of people respond and can be usually confirmed in your first session (so you can quickly determine if you will benefit) • Save time and money
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