How it Works

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    Save money, make money

    Fill empty appointment slots, prevent patients being lost on busy phone lines and avoid significant front-desk costs.

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    Keep all patients satisfied

    The convenience of 24/7 online booking to get the appointment with their doctor means happier (and more loyal) patients.

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    No appointment booking fees

    Just one, low cost, monthly subscription. And you don’t pay for existing patients to book online.

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    Get new patient referrals, easily

    Put your practice in front of thousands of potential quality referrals searching Whitecoat for appointments every week.

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    Appointment book confidentiality

    Only publish available appointments as defined by the patient’ search criteria.

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    Hassle-free installation

    No expensive IT investment required. A quick and low-touch installation process will have you up and running in no time.

Whitecoat supports these booking solutions

  • BP Software
  • Capable Software
  • Cliniko
  • Core Plus
  • Centaur Software
  • Smart Soft
  • Genie Solutions
  • Houston Medical
  • Nookal
  • Monkey Software
  • Power Diary
  • PPMP
  • Practice 2000
  • Medical Director
  • Centaur Software
  • Practice 2000
  • iSoft PLC
  • Stat health
  • Sunix Vision
  • Zedmed
  • Bookeo
  • Health Engine
  • Health Kit
  • Praktika
  • Timely