What is Whitecoat?

Over the past 3 years DHV has consulted widely with industry and government stakeholders to improve the functionality of Whitecoat and ensure that it is Australia's most comprehensive online healthcare provider directory. Whitecoat profiles an immense range of healthcare providers and provides key contact details in an aim to offer a new portal of choice to all Australians.

Why was Whitecoat launched?

We have developed Whitecoat to allow all Australians to search and compare healthcare providers to allow them to make better and more informed choices when selecting healthcare providers. Whitecoat is particularly useful for people who have moved to a new area or need treatment for a specialist service for the first time, as well as those wanting a recommendation from patients who have already visited a healthcare provider.

How legitimate are customer reviews?

When completing their survey, customers are also given the opportunity to provide a review on their service experience. Reviews are sourced from Whitecoat users as well as members of affiliated private health insurers who have been provided with a billable service from the provider. Before reviews are published to Whitecoat, they must first pass through extensive checking procedures and moderation guidelines. This process ensures reviews are relevant to the service that was provided, are not offensive or contain profanity, and do not assess the provider's clinical expertise or quality of clinical care. Reviews that do not pass through this process are not published.

For the full moderation guidelines, click here:

How is Whitecoat different from other comparison sites?

Designed to help all Australians find and compare healthcare providers in their local area, Whitecoat is an innovative and unique website. DHV will strictly manage the process of obtaining, reviewing and publishing data and reviews about each provider. DHV's feedback process ensures that all reviews and comments have passed through our extensive moderation guidelines before being published.