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Adrenal Burnout and Stress

Adrenal Burnout and Stress

by Ms Jenetta J Haim 03/10/2018

Adrenal Burnout and Stress

Adrenal burnout is often even a precursor to symptoms of emotional stress. If you are stressed usually your adrenals are on the way out. Adrenal glands are instrumental in looking after our health. Adrenal burnout can affect your whole body, your kidneys, your thyroid and your hormones. I have written a number of articles on adrenal issues and there is good reason. They are instrumental in you having a healthy nervous system, good emotional and physical health.

Your kidneys and adrenals connect and the Kidney meridian is instrumental in the health of the body. When you are stressed you put pressure on the adrenals to work harder. Prolonged stress can make you ill and in turn this affects the adrenals even more making a vicious circle. Next your thyroid can become affected and your hormones begin to play up. The reverse is also possible of course where your thyroid or hormones are not working properly and your adrenals are affected even further. My point is there is a vicious circle there which can make you quite ill and that’s why you need to know how to look after your adrenal glands and how to handle adrenal burnout.

There are a number of ways that you can assist your body to heal and avoid adrenal burnout. It begins with the foods you eat. Foods that are good are spinach, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella which have great nutrients and magnesium. These foods raise your energy levels and help you to combat high periods of stress in your life. Add to this fibre to assist in your digestion and supplements to make up for the junk foods you eat when you are stressed and you have already begun to help your body to heal.

Supplements that will assist are Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin B (I call it the stress vitamin), CO Q10 for a bit of an energy boost, healthy heart and as a protection against free radicals, milk thistle to assist with your liver which is also under a strain if your adrenals are fighting for survival The liver herbs are best taken at night with the magnesium especially if you have been drinking alcohol which puts a huge strain on your liver, uses up your vitamin B and dehydrates your whole body.

Water is very important if you want to stay healthy and have healthy adrenals. Dehydration affects the brain, kidneys, adrenals and even your energy levels. It can affect your concentration, coordination and focus because it alters the balance of electrolytes in the body such as potassium and sodium. Add to that the fact that a lack of water will constipate you and the sluggish digestion will make you feel lethargic and you have a recipe for ill health.

Overcoming lethargy is a big part of healing from adrenal burnout. There are many ways to increase the energy in your body such as meditation, yoga and exercise. You might be thinking how can a tired person exercise? Try it and watch how soon your mood changes and you begin to feel lighter. Research shows that exercise increases energy and the fact that it reduces fatigue which in turn reduces stress and adrenal burnout. Other stress busters such as work/life balance, enough quality sleep, detoxing the body and simply stopping each day to take time out of your busy lifestyle and enjoy a cuppa, chat with a friend, laugh, dance, practice a hobby, do gardening or simply sit and gaze at the sky in your lunch hour all contribute to your adrenals becoming healthier, your stress levels lowering and a healthier, longer life.