Wellness with Whitecoat: #2. Stretching to Improve your Mood

#2. Stretching to Improve your Mood 

Stretching is vastly overlooked as an exercise as it does not produce immediate physical results, much like those resulting from weight lifting or cardio. Although these more vigorous forms of exercise can deliver results fast, not realising the importance of stretching is a grievous mistake. It is not just the key to making sure we can walk up the stairs the day after a tough work out, but it is the key to always feel your best. 

The benefits you reap from stretching correctly will make you want to stretch everyday. The most obvious benefits are physical - you will become more flexible if you stretch regularly, your muscles will recover faster after a tough workout and it will also help to prevent injury. Whitecoats favourite benefit of stretching however, is the ability it has to transform your mood we are talking total rejuvenation of the mind. Your brain benefits from stretching just as much as your muscles do.

Stretching improves your mood as it is effective in releasing the tension in your body. Stretching gets your blood flowing and promotes overall relaxation slowly releasing both tension and endorphins, its almost euphoria for the mind! The best part is how it can enhance your mood. It will make you feel more positive about all the work you have, the gym session you told yourself you must attend or the early morning alarm you needed to set before bed. If you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep at night, stretching before bedtime will definitely help to rid the anxiousness you feel when your head hits the pillow!


If you stretch enough to realise the benefits, putting time aside to stretch daily will be something you look forward to. It can be your quiet time away from the stress of work, kids, bills or anything causing your brain to go into overload.  It is the best way to unwind and give your body and mind their well-deserved relaxation and recovery time while improving your overall wellness. 

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11 Dec 2017

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11 Dec 2017
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