Wellness With Whitecoat: #4. Become a Minimalist

#4. Become a Minimalist 

The thought of making the transition into a minimalist life may sound terrifying for some. But it is not something to be feared, instead it should be thought of as a cleansing ritual that will only improve every aspect of your life. It is a process of elimination. Eliminating the unessential from your life in a slow, well planned progression to make room for what is most important to you.  


To avoid any feelings of anxiety when culling things out of your life, you want to remember to take it one step at a time. It is not about restricting yourself of life’s pleasures, instead, it is about separating yourself from the things that bring you down or keep you from achieving your goals. Essentially, you’re learning to live with less and less is more. So here are the absolute essentials in creating your ideal minimalist life.


1. Stop Being Materialistic    

Materialism in today’s society is prominent and only growing. High regard and prioritisation of material items is time consuming and energy draining. Worrying about the new, expensive and very unnecessary luxury items such as handbags and cars is frankly not worth the time or the money. Quite often we are not purchasing these items because it will make ourselves feel better, but because we are competing with others. Eliminating materialistic items from your life is striving toward a more simplistic life and the money saved can be spent on things more important to you.


2.    Be Creative With Preparing Meals

Other than the wardrobe, another area that doesn’t need to be cluttered is the kitchen. At the beginning of the week or on weekends, purchase a few of your favourite ingredients. Don’t over purchase! Only purchase your favourites. Next step, google those ingredients and find more than one meal you can make out of them. For example, bananas and peanut butter are a Whitecoat office favourite! PB can be slapped on toast with a sliced banana on top (a drizzle of honey goes delicious with this!), Porridge with bananas and a dollop of PB is to die for, and PB, banana muffins are a sweet treat.



3.     Evaluate friendships

The people you spend the most time with have the biggest influence on who you are and the decisions you make. People who spend time with you for the right reasons are the people you want to keep in your life. Between work and family, it is likely to be difficult to find sufficient time to spend with our friends regularly, so the limited time we have should be used wisely. We all have friends we catch up with to only regret it afterwards… every time. They are judgemental, only talk about themselves, ask for our advice then throw it out the window or only make contact with us between boyfriends or if they need a favour. Whatever it is, if they are bringing a negative energy into your life, it’s time to evaluate if they are really worth your time.  


4.    Set Priorities and Goals

Setting goals and priorities is the essence of minimalism. Understanding what is important to you in life is the first step. The second is to make decisions that will enable you to reach your set goals. Rid yourself of distractions that will keep you from reaching your goals, these may be material objects or even people. If you want to see a certain person more, cut out activities in your life that have no significance and make the time to see them. On a day to day basis, your decisions must open up the path that leads to your goals. Making these decisions everyday will ensure a slow yet smooth process in becoming a content and fulfilled minimalist who has reached a desired purpose.

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09 Feb 2018

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09 Feb 2018
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