Whitecoat Moderation Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to ensure that comments made by nib Customers and Providers on Whitecoat are fair and relevant.

The site is ours, but the feedback is for everybody. We want this to be a useful tool for sharing feedback about Providers. We expect users of the site to help us achieve this by keeping conversations inviting and appropriate and notifying us of any potential concerns. If you spot something which you think may have breached our Moderation Guidelines, please report it on the contact us page.

The following core principles are applied by nib when reviewing nib Customer comments. If a comment does not meet all of these principles, then the comment will not be published.

Any replies a Provider makes in response to a nib Customer comment will also be moderated by us. If you are a Provider please follow the Moderation Guidelines when responding to Customer feedback.

  1. Offensive comments will not be published

    We welcome subjective comments, but personal attacks, mindless abuse, defamatory, racist or abusive comments will not be tolerated.

    The key to maintaining the site as an engaging and informative space is to focus on intelligent comments relevant to the site. We will not publish comments that are threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, menacing, harassing, offensive, which impersonate anyone, constitute sensitive information (such as a person’s intellectual property, including copyright), misrepresent a relationship with any person or organisation, or comments which encourage others to commit unlawful acts, or are unlawful in any way.

  2. Comments that identify a nib customer(s) will not be published

    Comments containing information about the person providing the comment will not be published. If any part of a comment contains personal or sensitive information, the comment will not be published at all.

  3. Comments of a clinical nature will not be published

    We will reject or remove any content that is of a clinical nature. The site is a tool to provide and share feedback on customer service experiences and not a forum to comment on or rate a Provider’s clinical experience or competency. Comments on a Provider’s clinical competency will not be published on Whitecoat.

  4. Comments that are irrelevant or about nib will not be published

    Comments that don’t directly relate to the services provided, customer’s experience or nib’s products or services, will not be published. Feedback and comments must be relevant. Feedback can be wide-ranging, but if a comment is unrelated to the provider or service then it may be rejected or removed. We also acknowledge criticism of nib’s products, services, policies and performance, but will not publish comments related to nib. The site is a tool to share feedback about Extras Providers within Australia. Comments related to nib will be forwarded to the relevant department for follow up (where appropriate) but will not be published on Whitecoat.

  5. Comments relating to the moderation process will not be published.
  6. Comments that use the site to advertise services or products outside the context of the treatment received by a customer will not be published.

    Whitecoat is a forum for nib customers to comment on the treatment and services they’ve received by Extras Providers.

  7. We reserve the right to choose which comments we deem to be appropriate for displaying and which are not.

    We reserve the right to delete any comments submitted, particularly those which are offensive, make personal attacks or could expose us to legal action. If you believe you have read an inappropriate or offensive comment, please email us.

    We do not guarantee that any comment submitted will appear or remain on the Whitecoat website. We reserve the right at any time to restrict access to comments for providers with a history of inappropriate behaviour.

    Opinions expressed in comments published on Whitecoat should not in any way be interpreted as a reflection or endorsement of Whitecoat or nib. They are the opinion of the author of the comment and not the wider organisation.